Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halls of Relfection - Preview of 3.3.0 5 man

Here's some info for Halls of Reflection, very cool stuff

Have a look at the map for Halls of Reflection.

Tunnel with two bosses, Marwyn and Falric, then a big room at the end with another boss. Arthas. But THEN leading out that room is a long section of map leading to nothing really. Some kind of ledge?

What if the Arthas fight IS a type of chase scene, and you fight Arthas along the map leading to the ledge where you are extracted out, because Arthas is too rough? 5-manners still get an Arthas battle, that will be epic in focus. But you don't kill Arthas, you fight to escape him.

Here's some more pics of HoR

And finally, here's some weapon pics, one of Shadowmourne, and the other of some shield

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